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Costa Rica Beach Fun

Copacabana Hotel Beach Spa

Costa Rica Beach in Jaco Beach - Clean, Lots of Room, Lots to Do

Costa Rica beaches are as varied as they come. The beach in Jaco Beach is a long and wide beach of a darker sand variety, more like volcanic sand. Just down the coast you will find a shorter, more steeper beach of white powdery sand. It all depends on what you want to do on the beach.

Costa Rica Beach Activities

Jaco Beach’s beach, because of its expanse is a favorite of all kinds of beach goers. You will find horseback riding on the beach, beach volleyball, pick up beach football, beach soccer, and of course surfing the world renowned Costa Rican surf. These beaches though, are natural beaches, not always the manicured beach familiar in North America. In the mornings you will find whatever the tide has washed up including shells, flotsam and jetsam. The mornings are particularly suited for running on the beach and morning workouts since the tide has recently receded and left a hard packed surface for these activities.

The Benefits of a Costa Rica Beachfront Resort

The Copacabana Hotel Resort is beachfront with tables and chairs immediately adjacent to the beach so that food and drink is never far away. On the weekends beach vendors go up and down the beach selling everything from soft drinks to inflatable beach toys. In places, though not consistently along the beach, there are wonderful walkways that the town has created that wind along flowers and trees native to the Jaco Beach area. There is also lots of places to take shelter from the sun should you so desire, under the waving palms with room for a picnic or just to hang out.

The great thing is that there is lot’s of room on the beach of Jaco Beach. It never feels crowded and you can always find your spot of beach paradise on this Costa Rica beach.

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