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Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Copacabana Hotel Beach Spa

Extreme Fun with a Costa Rica Adventure Tour Vacation

You have a choice - an Costa Rica adventure vacation with adventure tours of a lifetime, or you can have an easy laid back time. Available activities range from the mild to the wild. The milder activities are covered at Beach Fun and the wilder activities follow below.

The Tarzan swing

Using a bungee cord, you can literally swing between the trees with a vertical drop that will get your heart racing. You need to hold on tight, as the horizontal acceleration of swinging deep down into the jungle floor is fast and furious, not for the faint of heart!

River Gorge Bungee Jump

You saw it in the movie “Fast and Furious” and experience it yourself - jump off a bridge spanning a gorge towards the rushing waters below. The River Gorge Jump over the Colorado River Bridge is one not to be missed for the ultimate thrill seeker.

ATV Challenge Tours

Costa Rica is a country of hills, mountains, valleys, plantations, and of course beaches - that are all accessible and some only by ATV and depending upon the speed of the challenge, you might or might not see some of the Costa Rican countryside. Geared to different levels of riding skill, you can choose an ATV challenge ranging from sit on the seat and watch the world go by through to hang onto your handlebars for dear life.

White Water Rapids Rafting

Want to get wet? really wet? then don’t miss the rafting experience down some of Costa Rica’s wild rivers that can give you the ride of your life. It’s a good way to see the mighty power of Costa Rican headwaters, if you can pay attention while holding on and paddling like a crazy person.

Zip Lining Extraordinary

Not your everyday Zipline - how about 3/4 of a mile, through the trees, over gorges, crossing waterfalls and accelerating down the mountain side. This is Costa Rican adventure at its best. (For the more timid, it’s called a Canopy Tour :) ).

Extreme Mountain Biking

Jungle, steep, jungle, traverse, water hazard, big boulder, jungle, ..... - not your everyday bike ride. The trails in Costa Rica can be challenging and s**t scary. It’s up to you what trail you want to go down, but equipment is top notch and if you can take it, so can your bike.

Tournament Quality Surf

This is the place of the BillaBong World Championship so there is no question that you have world class rips and curls so what you do with them depends on how tightly your ten can grip the the board.

The Copacabana Hotel is your headquarters to these Costa Rica adventure tours and extreme activities vacation, being centrally located to all venues catering to all ability levels from mild to wild.

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