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Hotel Costa Rica with Live Entertainment

Come to the Copacabana Hotel em Costa Rica for the best live entertainment in all of Costa Rica that will have you rocking in your beach sandals!

It’s different here, in the land of Pura Vida where hotel guests are encouraged to join the band for a jam session. It seems that every week there is a performer in the crowd that doesn’t and sometimes does need a little bit of coaxing to get up and strut their stuff.

Come one, come all - At the Copacabana Hotel you don't need Karaoke to be one of the band!

For instance, one night one of the regular bands called The Wetbacks (where did they get that name?) was joined by a gentleman from Toronto, Canada that brought with him on stage a small box no larger that a shoebox. He said without revealing what was in the box “I’m really getting into your music and I haven’t done this in years, but can I add some soul?”. The band members for the most part ex-pat Americans, said "sure Canadian warm the soul of our cold neighbor to the north!". Lo and behold he opened up his box, and inside wrapped tightly in a handkerchief was a silver, brightly shiny, harmonica. This little harmonica rocked! This gentleman from the cold environs of Canada added surrealistic highs and lows to the rock anthems belted out by The Wetbacks. It was almost like you could smell the fur burning, it was such a memorable night.

The Best Nightly Entertainment Throughout the Week in Jaco Beach

- Karaoke night.
- DJ night.
- Live Music Night.

This Hotel Costa Rica has the best nightly entertainment line ups to be found in all of Jaco Beach and all in of Costa Rica! No other hotel can match this diversity and frequency of entertainment offered at the Copacabana.